Protecting those who dedicate their lives to protecting others

Our Mission

We are a charity that provides mental health support to medical professionals.

Our cherished supporters providing generous donations allow us to offer our sessions completely free for medics, ensuring they receive all of the help, with none of the financial pressure.

Services for Medics

Our services are offered to provide free relief for our medics. Our group sessions offer open conversation, guided by a mentor, so that our medics can discuss the highs and lows of the workplace with other medics from across the country in their same area of medicine. Our one-to-one sessions, on the other hand, offer a more intimate opportunity between our medics and our mentors, where any serious worries can be approached in a private manner.


Here at Protect the Medics, we prefer to avoid the term 'Counsellor' as counselling involves issues that need resolving. We are intervening before an issue occurs, in order to prevent one from happening, so we have decided on the more friendly term of 'Mentors'.