Who We Help

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Although we intend to one day include every department within the NHS, for the time being, we are focusing on the departments that experience the most traumatic situations. Most of our department choices will be obvious and understandable, but you may feel that a department should have been included that hasn’t been. In this case, please use the form provided on our contact page to inform us of the departments that you feel should be included.

If your department is listed below and you wish to register your interest with us, please use the form provided on either of the services pages, depending on which type of service you are interested in.

Our services are for all levels of medics within the selected departments, from medical students right up to retired medics. To confirm your identity we require evidence of your NHS I.D and your reference/pin number for your governing council; i.e GMC, HCPC or NMC. If you are unable to provide these, it’s important to be able to give an explanation of your reasoning, alongside appropriate evidence of your qualifications.

Departments We Help

Ambulance Staff



Critical Care

Forensic Pathology/Mortuary

General Medicine

Maternity and Midwifery

Medical Students

Medicine for the Elderly


Obstetrics and Gynaecology




We are also providing support for ex-medics, who should choose the department that they feel most comfortable with.

Found your department and want to see what we have to offer?


Group Sessions

Our monthly group sessions with up to 10 medics per mentor.

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One-to-One Sessions

Our more private sessions, with just one medic per mentor.

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